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  Schools Authorized by NEO

NEO authorizes charter schools meeting diverse student needs with diverse approaches to successful teaching and learning. 

Each school brings innovation to public education in the way that they serve their students, families, and communities.

Novation Education Opportunities is proud of this diverse “family” of schools that strives to bring the very best education possible to each of their students and to benefit the communities that they serve.


Click the links to each school website below to learn about the ways that the schools are improving student learning.     

The List of Schools Authorized by NEO:


Achieve Language Academy

Agamim Classical Academy

Aspire Academy

Avalon School

Bultum Academy

Discovery Charter School

Enlighten Academy

Escuela Exitos

Great Oaks Academy

Great River School

Hmong College Prep Academy

Innovation Academy of Science and Technology

Irrawaddy Academy

Kato Public Charter School

Lionsgate Academy

Nerstrand Elementary

New Century Academy

New City School

North Metro Flex Academy

Quantum STEAM Academy

Rochester STEM Academy

SAGE Academy Charter School

St. Cloud Math and Science Academy

Sejong Academy

Star of the North Academy

STEAM Academy

Surad Academy

TEAM Academy

Universal Academy

Urban Academy Charter School

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