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 About NEO

Novation Education Opportunities (NEO) is a single purpose Charter School Authorizer

in the State of Minnesota.


The Mission of NEO is to authorize and oversee charter schools through consistent, ongoing and robust evaluation to achieve 

significant and measurable student growth.


The Vision of NEO is to be a leading Minnesota Authorizer of 

innovative, diverse, and effective Charter Schools.


Innovation results in solutions for meeting the needs of all students more effectively. The leaders of the innovative school models have designed the education programs specifically to meet the needs of students whose needs were not being met through existing alternatives. 


NEO works with schools to set high expectations and monitor and evaluate progress toward reaching them. NEO provides ongoing, consistent and robust evaluation in order to achieve significant and measurable student growth. 


NEO facilitates the connection of innovation and high quality education by working with schools to identify effective practices and share them not only with schools in the NEO portfolio, but with all schools, to improve the opportunities that all students have for success in meeting their hopes and dreams. 

Learn More:    NEO Fall Newsletter.                                               Applications:   NEO Comprehensive New School Application

                           NEO Winter Newsletter                                                                      NEO Charter Transfer Application and Guide

                           Updated! NEO Annual Report 2022                                                 NEO Site_Grade Expansion Application

                           Authorizer Statement of Income and Expenditures 2022            NEO Early Learning Program Application

                           Approved Authorizer Plan (AAP) Part A

                           Approved Authorizer Plan (AAP) Part B                                                                                                                                                            Note: Please email NEO for word documents.


 Policies/Plans: NEO Oversight Plan

                              NEO Complaint Policy

                              NEO Conflict of Interest and School Autonomy Policy

                              NEO Data Privacy Policy


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